Not many of you will be surprised to hear that there are subliminal messages in advertising.  Every day on television we see adverts that feature smiling families and attractive couples – implying that buying a particular product will inspire the desirable lifestyle we associate with that brand.

The case with graphic design is no different. A logo is a marketing tool, and it conveys a particular message. Have you noticed that a ‘forwards’ arrow is formed between the e and the x of the FedEx logo? That the curve joining the a to z in the Amazon logo reminds us of a smile?  Perhaps you haven’t noticed these things consciously, but there is evidence to suggest that they do affect your perception of a brand.

You don’t need to be a marketing giant like Amazon to use these techniques. Consider the difference between receiving a hand-written letter and an email. The hand-written letter is more meaningful than an email, because somebody has invested their time and energy in sending it. Now apply this logic to your business card. A well-designed business card, printed in high-quality, is more professional and more credible than a DIY job.  This might not be something you are aware of straight away, but subliminally, it counts.

Do you know what message your branding is sending about your business? For branding that says what YOU want it to, contact Vanilla Active.

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